Tips on Buying High-End Perfume

Though invisible, a good perfume is without a doubt one of the most important parts of your attire. A luxurious scent tells those around you that you care about your looks, and that you put a little extra effort into how you would like the world to see you. The admiration a high-end perfume buys you should obviously make you more confident in your own skin.

As with most other fashion accessories markets, you need to make careful choices when buying a perfume. But with so many high-end perfume choices, how do you get this process right?

Tips for Shopping for High-End Perfume
Find a Scent You Love
One of the reasons you buy a perfume is that it upgrades your natural smell. Just because a perfume has a premium price tag, however deserving, it does not mean you will love wearing it. Therefore, do a little homework and find out what perfume scents you really love and cannot get enough of before paying for it.

A perfume you love will make you feel good about yourself, your dressing, and make you more confident. Otherwise, however expensive a perfume is, if you don’t like the scent, odds are that you will be constantly worried that everyone who gets a whiff of it will have similar sentiments.

… Or a Scent Others Loves
You might not always be getting the perfume you want, but rather a perfume your significant other likes. Maybe you overheard them say they loved a particular scent, and you happened to know what perfume can offer that.

Getting a perfume with the same fragrance notes can do you a lot of good because you know that it will make someone you care about very happy. Obviously, this should make you happy wearing it as well.

Know the Difference between Cheap Imitations and the Real Deal
Some high-end perfume brands are wildly popular; and they feature signature scents that a lot of people want on their skin and clothing. For this reason, some perfume makers can whip up fakes to appeal to buyers seeking bargains while shopping for luxury perfumes.

But to a knowing nose, the difference between a cheap imitation and an original perfume is quite apparent. The last thing you need is making the wrong impression by wearing a cheap perfume those in the know can recognize as fake.

Fortunately, you can avoid this by getting your premium perfumes from the right sources, and been keener about the fragrance notes to ensure that they offer all the expected levels of fragrance. Basically, high-end perfumes have several notes (base, middle, and high), but replicas capitalize on the most obvious (high) to lull unsuspecting buyers into purchasing them.

Few things can command a presence as well as a good perfume does. A cheap perfume can do just the opposite and even irritate those around you. But high-end fragrances are subtle, yet powerful and layered, drawing those around you in with their layered and fragrant essences. But to ensure that you get the best of these benefits, take the tips discussed above into consideration. First of all, buy a scent you love. Then consider a scent those you care about would adore. Finally, be keen not to get a fake replica.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (2006)


Perfume’ is a frightening story of obsession and murder. The story is based on Patrick Suskind’s novel. The movie was set in France in the 18th century. Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, a boy born with a unique talent of strong attraction to the smells and scents around him, ventures to create the finest perfumes in the world. His mother delivered and abandoned him to die on the pile of wastes under her fish cart in the middle of a market in Parisian. This is after four consequent unsuccessful births. Surprisingly, the irresistible stench of wastes awoke the desolated boy. In fact, it is the smell that gave him life instead. His cries alarm the crowd and expose his mother’s despicable act. The unpleasant smell of wastes became the base of his talent as well as his alienation.

Grenouille develops an acute attraction to the scent and aroma of womanhood. His obsession with the scent of young womanhood turns lethal when 12 girls are found massacred. All the people in town are in haste to lock and protect their daughters from the inhumane act. However, the unrelenting Jean-Baptiste hasn’t accomplished his thirst for scent yet. He didn’t know that his attraction and passion for scents would lead him to such unimaginable act of homicide. This became the driving force behind the movie Perfume: The Story of a Murderer.

The movie Director Tom Tykwer did a commendable task of balancing several concurrent and opposing attitudes and themes. In fact, the most part of the movie revolves around olfactory experiences and stupor. Tykwer doesn’t favor either the ugly and beautiful as to him, all are equal. He reflects on the moving effect of the scent and how people react. The story transforms into some sort of a fairy tale. He successfully submerges his audience into a world of sensory detail including aural, visual and a combination of both to bring out the impressions that matter most to the narrative and thematic aspect of the film. He incorporates imagery to engage the sense of smell and how it can evoke long memories.

The first part of the movie is quite captivating. It features glorious visuals that give you a palpable feeling. Most of the contexts of the story have been complemented well with eccentric photography and awesome performances. The film has received several critics as well as a couple of approvals. However, most of them are lukewarm reviews. This is because the movie is a blend of artistic ambition, murder, and existentialism that unsettles far beyond restoration. To understand Jean-Baptiste’s inclinations and be in the common ground with him, one needs serious curiosity. His odd and charismatic performances make him a sympathetic hero. However, his story becomes haunting, strangely affectionate and enthralling when you revisit the movie.

Though Jean-Baptiste couldn’t speak at the tender age of 5, his creepy sense of smell can be noted. In fact, other children in the orphanage find him an unusual boy with weird character. What makes it even evident is when he dodges rotten apple thorn by a fellow orphan when he smells it nearing his nose. This shows he was predestined to become a perfumer. He manages to tell the smell of ripe plums in a basket carried by a woman when he was wandering in the streets of Paris. He follows her through the crowd but when offered a plum, he sniffs her hands and runs away. He is somehow afraid of his unusual behavior and character.

Grenouille manages to survive several hard and punishing situations. He began with no intention of being a killer instead he engages one prostitute and finds that he can capture the scent of a woman in a perfume. From the story, it is evident that love is relative. This is why Tykwer challenges our emotions and senses by the power of grandeur. He convinces us to empathize with Grenouille, someone with a status of murder, is less important compared to his aspiration to be loved and to love. However, you may not know whether you’ll love him for the glorious talent or hate him for being a murderer.

The movie was released in 2006 even though its development took several years. Patrick Suskind was a bit hesitant about releasing the film rights of his book and this is what delayed the release of the movie. Other stars in the movie include Alan Rickman and Dustin Hoffman.

Important factors to consider when choosing High-end perfume

Do you know that the scent that you wear defines your personality and character? In addition to that, perfumes also help enhance your general mood and also evoke fond memories. However, with many perfumes available on the market, each claiming to be of high quality, many people usually find it difficult to choose the right perfume that suits their individual needs. The market is not only flooded with countless scents but fragrance concentration (strength that a perfume has) also differs. Perfumes with higher concentration usually contain less alcohol and more perfume oil. High end perfumes are quite expensive meaning that you need to be very careful when you buy one to avoid being disappointed. So the big question is; how do you know which fragrance suits you well? In this article, we are going to give you tips on important factors to consider when buying high end perfumes.

How to choose a scent

Each perfume contains different amount of notes. These notes are the ones that determine the overall quality of scent and they contain different layers including the top, middle and base notes. These notes usually work in collaboration to create a specific smell. For instance, perfumes that are considered floral usually contain different scent note such as geranium, rose, or gardenia. On the other hand, exotic fragrance contain spicy notes such as cinnamon and anise. Before you make a purchase, it is very important to first determine which type of fragrance you prefer then check the base note that it contains before you make your final decision. You can do a little research to get more information about different notes used to make perfumes so as to make better decision when choosing which one suits your taste.

Determining the right concentration

Perfumes come in 4 different concentration levels. The higher the concentration, the higher the price. This means that high end perfumes have high concentration that is more powerful and last for a longer period of time. The highest concentration is usually known as parfum or perfume. When you buy a perfume with this concentration, its scent will last the whole day with just a single application. The second highest level is known as eau de parfum and last for about 6 hours. The third level is known as eau de toilete. It is fairly affordable and it is sold in many retail stores. Fragrance with this concentration usually require more than one application to last the whole day. The lowest concentration is known as eau de cologne and can only last for two hours when applied on the pulse or wrist point.

Testing the perfume

Before you make your final decision when buying a perfume, it is very important to test the fragrance to know if it is something that you will enjoy wearing. The first test that you need to conduct is a simple sniff test of the bottle. This will help you get an idea of how the perfume smells like. However, the best way to test the perfume is by spraying a little bit on your skin. That is why most reputable stores usually offer testers so that buyers can try before they make a purchase. If you are shopping online, try some few online tests to help you know if the perfume suits your taste.

Baebody Retinol Moisturizer Cream review

As we grow older, the signs of aging on our skin become more and more noticeable. Baebody Retinol Moisturizer Cream aims to reduce the visibility of those signs and keep that fresh, shiny look of the young skin.

Active Retinol

Retinol is a more complex name for Vitamin A. Along with its use in creams that help with acne-prone skin, it has recently become famous in regards to its anti-aging properties. Retinol helps to unclog pores, even out discoloration and hydrates the skin to give it a soft, bright look. It is compatible with all types of skin, even the most sensitive ones, meaning it won’t cause annoying rashes or irritation. However, it is always recommended to start with a small amount of cream to avoid any unwanted side effects.
Even though side effects are almost non-existent, Retinol can make the skin a bit more sensitive to the sun. Therefore, the application of the cream should be followed by a thin layer of sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher.


71% Organic

Along with Retinol, the Baebody Retinol Moisturizer Cream consists of Hyaluronic Acid that comes from plants, Vitamin E and B5 and many other organic ingredients.

Hyaluronic Acid is able to withstand huge amount of moisture to help the skin keep its fresh look. As we age, the skin loses that necessary moisture which makes it saggy and firmless. It is one of the main ingredients in hydrating creams for all types of skin. Anti-inflammatory properties help with stopping the irritation and redness. It can also penetrate the skin fairly easily, which is extremely rare with any other substances.

Vitamin B5, also known as Panthenol, is very similar to the Hyaluronic Acid with its hydrating properties. It is an exfoliator that promotes the growth of new, youthful skin cells. It helps the skin regenerate overnight and speeds up the healing process of wounded or sun damaged skin. Symptoms of skin conditions, such as eczema, are also relieved by the use of creams containing Panthenol.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that is mostly added to sunscreens because of its incredible protection against UV rays. It reverses the premature aging of skin by repairing elastin and collagen damage; both big factors in keeping the skin young. Although it protects from sun damage, it does not serve as a replacement for sunscreen. However, by getting deep beneath the skin it provides additional protection. Along with that, it reduces already existing damage such as wrinkles and lines.



Many people think that they need to spend a fortune for anti-aging products. This is not the case. Baebody Retinol Moisturizer Cream is highly affordable, Products containing Retinol can be highly expensive, but the price which is less than $20 separates this product from the rest of the pack. Quantity is also enough to last you for a long time. Given the effects that it provides, this product pays for itself.


Anti-aging creams have come a long way and Baebody Retinol Moisturizer Cream proves that with its amazing properties. By moisturizing and reducing the signs of aging, it ensures a healthy, fresh, young look.

Award-winning perfume designer Michel Germain’s Sexual Sugar is a work of pure love, literally.

The fragrance, which is filled with secret aphrodisiacs, was created by Michel out of pure love for his wife Norma to give her the one fragrance that would make her feel like she’s the only beautiful and attractive woman in the whole wide world. And with Michel’s foundation brand Sexual, he created a work of art that affords women and men the magnetism and promise of romance that only a great fragrance can achieve.



The secret recipe for attraction
Michel’s Sexual Sugar fragrance is no ordinary fragrance. The perfumer himself asserts that the wonderful allure and scent of this fragrance has the power to inevitably result in guaranteed “hugs and kisses”. The fragrance is powered by a secret aphrodisiac that empowers you to waft in an aura of irresistible scent that creates a magnetism that is impossible to ignore. The perfume draws attention to you, thanks to the aphrodisiacs that lend you charisma and elegance. In addition, the natural oils in this perfume fuse with your body chemistry to produce a heady sensual scent that naturally lures others toward you.

Sweet cotton candy with berry notes
The scent of this perfume is distinctly sweet candy blended with prominent berry notes. You’ll also get a hint of the flowers and the base notes of almonds and gourmand, all of which combine with the sugary scent to give it more depth. You get a distinct aroma of wild berries, passionflower, crystallized sugar, coupled with caramel vanilla and roasted almonds. While this smells like sweet cotton candy, the base notes provide it an air of rich sophistication and maturity.



Value for money
It’s a no-brainer that this fragrance will come with a slightly bigger price tag than your average mid-range perfumes. So, if you’re looking to get one this season, check out the discount offers and price options on Amazon. However, be assured that it’s worth every penny you spend because this wonderful fragrance brings out the mature woman in you, even as it simultaneously has a pervasive youthful sweet scent.



Good sillage and long lasting
The sweet pink liquid fragrance is great to wear all through the year, although it’s particularly great in the summer months. The scent is quite strong, so you’ll find that spritzing yourself one or two times with the sprayer can be enough to last you all through the day. You’ll find yourself bathing in this sweet, feminine scent for hours on end, which makes it a great value for its price. And those compliments will just keep rolling in, as you’ll find yourself getting stopped countless times through the day to either be asked which perfume it is you are wearing or to be complimented for how good you smell.



And yes, you’ll also have to brace yourself for some looks of envy that is bound to come your way, as the delightful fragrance, with its secret aphrodisiacs, work their magic to make you stand out from all those around you.

Lancome’s La vie est belle: the overriding fragrance choice of a happy, free woman

Lancome’s fragrance La vie est belle is indeed the scent for today’s free and independent woman in pursuit of all things that bring happiness. La vie est belle, which is French for life is beautiful, as a perfume truly epitomizes its meaning, lending a fragrance that reflects a confident, strong-willed woman who radiates happiness and charm.

Scent of joy
The fragrance is an intoxicating blend of myriad notes, effortlessly fusing the top notes of iris with the depth and richness of patchouli and sweet notes of praline. There’s also the joyful aroma of feminine floral notes of jasmine and orange that lend sensuality and elegance. As such, this perfume is a perfect reflection of joyful femininity, prevalent in women who live in the present and are unafraid to seek out their own path to happiness.

Smile of crystal glass
History has it that when Georges Delhomme first embarked on the journey of creating a bottle that reflected the very essence of a truly charismatic woman, many decades ago, he finally managed to do so by making a cut in the glass that is shaped like a smile. So, yes, the design of the bottle, which was called the crystal smile, has now been reinterpreted by Lancome in the structure of this perfume bottle. La vie est belle comes in a bottle that has this crystal smile at the center of a square, with a ribbon at the neck.

Floral, fresh aroma
This scent is floral, feminine, and sensual, all rolled into one happy, intoxicating fragrance that is bound to draw compliments from those around you. While it has a patchouli base, the scent is still fresh and sweet and can leave you feeling elegant and sophisticated.

Worth its price
As with premium luxury brands, this one too comes at a relatively more expensive price when compared with regular brands. But for the price it comes in, this fragrance packs quite the punch. It’s definitely worth asking for samples to confirm if this fragrance makes you feel as wonderful as many who’ve worn this perfume before you say it does. If it does, then you can check for discounts and offers on Amazon or compare the prices by different sellers to help you get the best possible rate.

Long lasting and good sillage
This scent can be quite powerful, so it’s important you check just how much spritzes you want to bathe in. Thankfully, it’s not overly powerful in a cloying sense and instead is warm, classy, sensual, and fresh – all of which is guaranteed to keep those compliments rolling in all day long every time you wear this perfume. Just as its name suggests, this fragrance sure does bring a smile to your face as those heads just don’t stop turning. Whether you’re wearing this during the day or for a special occasion, this signature fragrance is sure to lift the mood of those around you, just as it will yours.

So yes, life truly is beautiful with La vie est belle – an amazing fragrance that lives up to its name in every sense and reminds you every time you wear it that life is beautiful.

Jimmy Choo walks the talk with its perfume for women

While many of us may be lusting over Jimmy Choo’s gorgeous line of luxury shoes, this popular brand is continuing to wow women everywhere with its other products too. Take for example Jimmy Choo’s first-ever fragrance for women called Jimmy Choo. Introduced in 2011, the Jimmy Choo perfume quietly and effortlessly does what Jimmy Choo knows and does best – that is, empower women everywhere and effortlessly elevate her glamour quotient.
Sensual and empowering
Jimmy Choo fragrance is a beautiful blend of sensual, warm, and rich notes that lend an empowering experience to any woman who wears it. It combines the crisp fruity smell of Italian orange and pear nectar with the sweet notes of tiger orchid, underpinned by toffee and patchouli. With this this scent, Jimmy Choo smoothly affords a sense of glamour that is both sensual and bold.
Strong and sweet fragrance
If you’re a fan of strong and sweet fragrances, then Jimmy Choo Eau De Parfum may be your go-to-choice. The perfume has the distinct sweet, intoxicating scent that has a floral, fruity tone with patchouli notes, all of which users say is reminiscent of Victor and Rolf’s Flowerbomb perfume. The sweet, sugary scent can be strong for some and depending on your sensitivity levels, a few spritzes should do the trick. For those who prefer a heavier sugary fragrance, this perfume may be what you’re looking for. Still, the base tones of toffee and patchouli can take over to add depth and richness.
Stylish pink bottle
The perfume comes in a stylish textured glass bottle that bears the hallmarks of luxury, glamour, and style – which is reflective of the iconic Jimmy Choo brand. The box comes as a pink snakeskin one, while the bottle itself is is made of heavy glass. It has a square black cover that fits the sprayer snugly, meaning you won’t have to worry about accidental spills in your luggage. Its beautiful and stylish exterior also makes for attractive displaying on your dressing table.
Strong sillage
This fragrance has a very strong sillage, so expect to turn heads when you walk around wearing this this perfume. Fortunately, the fragrance is potent but not overpowering, thus ensuring a pleasant lingering aroma around you. Still, it may be wise for you to take a spritz or two at the most to start with to check just how it performs once you you wear it on your body. This fragrance also has good staying power and the scent lingers long after you’ve sprayed yourself.
While the price is bit on the steeper side, it’s natural given its premium brand. Still, as with all products, it would be wise to compare prices of different sellers on Amazon as high-end retail stores tend to offer a more overpriced version of the product.
In conclusion, this perfume by an iconic fashion brand may may be what you’re seeking if you love a slightly heavier fragrance that gives you a sense of glamour and a burst of confidence.