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The old-fashioned, vintage 90’s style of the website actually shipped more than dozen millions of packages already, is actually one of the largest and cheapest perfume shopping websites you can find.

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Having plenty of purchases due to previous business opportunities, I do have few things to share regarding shopping with bargains at the famous e-commerce platform about fragrances:

Sold “as is”

Most of the original name-brand perfumes listed on the site are so cheap and seems too good to be true sometimes. Well, if you make enough purchases you will find some of the items with below-par quality, possibly due to being on the shelves for too long or damages during frequent internal transit. I myself have bought several expensive bottles from Creed with very loose nuzzle and fallen decorations on the bottle.

Return policy

Thinking about returning the undesirable products? According to their return policy, you are indeed eligible for a full refund if you don’t like the product. However, extensive form filling process is required and the shipping fees are actually not refunded. For people who already trying to save a couple bucks purchasing from it instead of looking for more desirable experiences from official websites like Chanel, returning is probably not considered if there are not any disastrous damages.

Average shipping

Unlike huge platforms providing fast shipping such as Amazon or Walmart, the default shipping rate at is about 5-9 business days, which means weekends and holidays are not included, plus there are hidden processing time on the shipper’s end. Upgrading to more desirable shipping rate will cost you somewhere from $13 to $18. But the good thing is that they usually ship out pretty fast and in general you wait about a week to get your order.

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Forever discounting

It doesn’t take a marketing genius to spot that the website always displays a 30-35% off deal on its banner, you will find out very soon yourself as long as you visit the website a few more times. Every time it seems like the sale is about to end just a day later, but you are almost guaranteed to see another new sale coming up right after. From time to time, the website limits the promo codes you could add into your cart trying to let you buy at the original price. But the trick is to try different spots of coupon application and even sign up for their marketing email, you will see the lovely deal comes alive even after you have used the discount.


Overall, is still a very attractive website that you could find nearly every famous brand-name perfume at a magically low price. I would think that it is because the cost of making those fragrances is so low and most of the margin goes to places such as marketing and developments. While a huge selling channel like this definitely help to push sales and deserves a bargain. However, you might want to be prepared to see some dents or dust that you will probably not find from those purchased from fancy department stores.

3 Things You Won’t Believe That People Actually Wear As Fragrance

Perfumes have been one of the top cosmetic choices for both men and women since the ancient times.

In the fashion industry, they are synonymous with beauty, elegance, style, and sexuality and those wearing them have class, smell good, and are successful. The fragrances are available in a variety of styles to suit every taste and preference, and eCommerce platforms such as Amazon make it a lot easier to purchase your best perfumes.

You’ll find it quite amusing, however, that some people have discovered their signature scent in other things and will wear it as a fragrance. And it’s that time we checked them out…

1. Rubbing hand soap!

Some of the researches show that, at least 1 person in a group of 10 people have that fancy hand soap’’ with a scent they like, that they even substitute for a perfume. Unfortunately, most of these soaps often contain heavy fragrances, dyes, nasty parables, and other synthetic chemicals that may strip our skin of its natural and protective oil, especially when we regularly rub them on other skin areas. This can result in skin irritation or a dry skin. And as you know skin is our biggest detox organ, so it’s best not to clog or coat it with stuff that can harm it.


2. Wearing straight up vanilla extract

In many fragrance discussion forums, you’ll find that some members prefer it natural and will wear straight up vanilla extract. While the organic vanilla you purchase at your local grocery has a potent vanilla scent which is popular with perfumes, it’s never used on its own. If you wear vanilla extract by itself, though it smells great, the scent will dissipate in a few minutes leaving that sticky feel. Well, this is the reason manufacturers will combine vanilla with at least 5 other essential oils such as rose, chamomile, peppermint, lavender, and patchouli to create a perfume that’s highly beneficial for your skin and with a lasting effect.


3. Scented sachet

Other people, especially those that experience a natural unpleasant smell, are tempted to hide sachets filled with dried flowers, herbs, and spices inside their clothing so that they can smell great all the time. Doing this every day, however, isn’t for everyone and it sounds rather odd. And why pass yourself through that when there are lots of NATURAL fragrances that will give great results, several times better than the scented sachets?  We’d recommend that you always wear perfumes from trusted brands, and which are designed with ingredients that are soft on your skin. Whether you need to buy the best perfume with natural fruity scents, spicy scents, sweet scents, floral scents, citrus scents, or any other scent, Amazon is the place to start your search.

All You Need to Know about Chanel No.5 — World’s Most Famous Fragrance

Chanel No. 5 perfume was created in 1921 by Gabrielle Coco Chanel, a clever French fashion designer and businesswoman, who’s also the founder of Chanel brand. It is a fragrance of class with so much sophistication and refined taste that represents everything true, elegant, stylish, and powerful of a woman who has an eye for unwavering beauty and astuteness. After several decades in the fashion industry, Chanel No. 5 is still one of the best-selling perfumes in the world— thanks to its timeless beauty, Parisian style, integrity, and uncompromised quality.

Meet the Minds behind Chanel No. 5

While Coco Chanel had set up a series of successful boutiques in Biarritz, Deauville, and Paris, her passion to take fashion to the next level drove her into trying to create a scent that could describe the new, modern woman she epitomized. To create a very fresh fragrance in those days, however, manufacturers could only use citruses such as lemon, orange, and bergamot.

Although they could achieve the desired freshness, the fragrances usually didn’t last on the skin and some were extremely powerful. So, some perfumers were cautious about using them. Well, this compelled Chanel to create an out-of-the-box perfume for her best clients, a perfume that imbues this freshness on a few drops, safely. However, finding a perfumer who could achieve this proved quite challenging for Chanel.

During her summer holiday on the Cote d’Azur in the late 1920, Chanel learned of Ernest Beaux, a French-Russian chemist and perfumer who lived in Grasse (center of the perfume industry). He had also worked for the Russian royal family.

Well, Ernest Beaux accepted the challenge to help Coco Chanel create a perfect woman fragrance, with the scent of a woman.

A brand-new kind of fragrance was created!

After several months of trying to create a perfect new fragrance, the curious and daring Beaux managed to develop 10 samples that he presented to Chanel for approval. The samples were numbered 1 to 5 and 20 to 24, and she chose the 5th proposal, which was “Chanel No. 5 fragrance”. The new perfume was then launched on the fifth day of the fifth month of 1921.

What’s special about Chanel No.5 composition?

Chanel No.5 is a very complex fragrance with a unique composition of notes that make it hard to distinguish the individual ingredients, what exactly Chanel wanted. It is one of the first-ever fragrances to use aldehydes, synthetic notes that offer unique expressions and their subtle combined effects as opposed to using strong notes of actual flowers. The aldehydes in No.5 are accompanied by fragrances of jasmine, rose, vanilla, and sandalwood that are pleasant to the nose. The aldehydes scent is pure and fresh, and experts often describe it as the smell of clean and dried laundry that has just been brought into the house from the fresh frosty air.

The effervescent top notes are composed of bergamot, neroli, ylang-ylang, jasmine, rose, Iris, Lily-of-the-Valley, and an overdose of floral-citrus-soapy aldehydes, while the base is designed of amber, vetiver, vanilla, patchouli, and sandalwood.

It is believed that Ernest Beaux drew his inspiration for the creation of Chanel No.5 from the unique smell of frozen water in lakes and rivers at night, during his visits to the Arctic Circle.

Chanel No.5 Instant success

During the celebration of this new fragrance, Chanel invited Beaux and friends to a famous classy restaurant on Riviera. She sprayed the perfume around the table, and to her surprise, it drew a lot of attention from women that were passing by. It literally stopped each one of them in their tracks that they had to find where the fragrance came from, and that’s the moment Chanel confirmed that No.5 was going to be a legendary perfume.

The fragrance became increasingly popular thanks to the many well-known celebrities that wore it, notably Marilyn Monroe. The name of this star is connected to Chanel No.5 because, during an interview, she admitted to wearing only a few drops of the perfume to bed. And since this interview in 1954, the fragrance has always been one of the top choices for millions of women from all over the world, including celebrities such as Celine Dion and Victoria Beckham.

Today, at least a bottle of the fragrance is sold worldwide in every 30 seconds. If you get a chance to compare vintage bottles of Chanel No.5 with each succession until you reach the modern version, you’ll understand that this fragrance can never be old-fashioned. Its character is still preserved and can fulfill all your desires; elegance, beauty, quality.

Chris Hemsworth: The New Face of Hugo Boss

If you have seen Chris Hemsworth gracing a couple of Hugo Boss ads, then you already knew that the Aussie actor has signed up to be the face of its Bottled campaign. Known for his rugged and manly persona, Hemsworth is the perfect guy to take on this role, given that he exudes classy, male charm in every movie that he stars in.

Hemsworth is the newest face for Bottled, Hugo Boss’ new suite of men’s fragrances. This means that he is headlining the perfume company’s Man of Today ad campaign, joining the ranks of other actors like Gerard Butler and Theo James.

The first stop in the campaign for Hemsworth was at the New York Fashion week, where he unveiled the Bottled Tonic Eu de Toilette and fielded question from reporters. His most recent appearance for the campaign was in May 2018, when he posted photos of himself in Singapore on Instagram. The actor flew to Singapore to headline the store opening of Boss’ new concept store. Also in attendance at the event was fellow actor Sebastian Stan, who plays the Winter Soldier in the Avengers.

In an interview with the LA Times, Hemsworth talked about how he was prepared to be the brand ambassador for the brand. He shared that the brand gave him a crash course on fragrances and how to identify notes. He even met the lady who designed the original Boss Classic. He learned that this particular scent was inspired by apple strudel, which was a pleasant coincidence since it is also his wife’s favorite dessert.

However, like any fine gentleman, Hemsworth actually let his wife have the final say on whether or not he’d say yes to this role. Happily, he told the Telegraph UK that Spanish actress Elsa Pataky is a fan of the brand, so getting her to say yes was not a problem.

Hugo Boss and Thor

So what does Thor smell like? In an interview with the, Hemsworth says that he doesn’t really wear cologne on set. Asked about what he thinks the god would smell like in real life, he says that Thor would probably smell like metal, coppery, with a hint of electricity. When asked to think about what Hugo Boss scent reminds him of Thor in the LA Times interview, Hemsworth picks the older, intense version of Boss Bottled as the scent that best fits the Norse god.

So what does he think about being the Man of Today?

Hemsworth was once asked about the campaign message and what it means to him. For the actor, being a Man of Today basically means being kind, compassionate, showing enough ambition for dreams, and appreciation for the opportunities that make them happen. This isn’t just empty words from the actor. Apart from being a loving husband and doting father, Hemsworth sets aside a good portion of his time with the Australian Childhood Foundation. This is an organization that works to raise awareness about child abuse and provide counseling for victims of abuse and neglect.

His work with groups like these prove that Hemsworth is a true superhero on and off screen, and Hugo Boss could not have picked a better face for their new line.

High-end perfumes, why they are worth the price


Choosing a perfume is a personal endeavor as every person has his/her own tastes and preferences. The perfume that you wear says a lot about you and that is why you need to shop carefully. The perfume industry is filled with both cheap and high-end perfumes. In most cases, cheaper fragrances tend to smell sweeter than their high-end counterparts. As a result, most people especially those who have no prior experiences on perfumes are usually tricked to buy them. What most people don’t know is that the quality of a perfume is not measured by how sweet its scents are. There are many factors that you must consider including scent concentration, note synergy among many others. So are high-end perfumes worth the price? The answer is yes and in this article, we are going to tell you why.


One of the most expensive perfumes on Amazon

1. Expensive perfumes are more complex

High-end perfumes tend to be more complex. This is because they incorporate more layers that only sensitive noses can detect. High-end perfumes contain essential oils that have been divided into three notes. They include top, base, and middle notes. The top note is smelled immediately and only last for 30 minutes. The middle note on the other hand usually develops after half an hour and lasts for two hours. The base note is what is left on the skin and lasts the whole day. The main difference between expensive perfumes and cheap ones is that high-end perfumes contain three notes (top, middle, and base) while cheap fragrances only contain top and middle notes. They don’t contain base notes and that is why they don’t give a long lasting effects when applied.

TMB.pngFragrance pyramid

2. They last longer

Although you will have to dig deeper into your pocket in order to enjoy the benefits of a high-end perfume, you won’t regret it because it last for a longer period of time. If you want to test the quality of a perfume, apply it then wait for a couple of hours. Cheaper perfumes usually go bad or disappear within a short period of time while expensive perfumes usually last longer because they contain all three notes. You will definitely get value for your money.

3. They contain expensive ingredients

High-end perfumes are not designed overnight, a lot of research goes into creating them. There is a huge difference between the percentage of juice concentration between high-end and cheap fragrances. High-end fragrances contain high concentration of juice and that is why their effects last longer. The cost of converting natural materials to usable format is quite expensive. In fact, up to 10,000 roses are required to create just single 5ml bottle of rose oil. If you consider that, plus the cost of processing, harvesting, and picking, then you can clearly see why these ingredients are expensive. Their overall performance are also great.

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4. They boost your self-esteem and confidence

High-end perfumes also help boost your confidence and self-esteem because they make you feel good about yourself. If you wear some high-end perfume, you won’t have to worry that the scent will fade away soon as it is usually the case with cheap fragrance. Its scent is long-lasting meaning that you will smell good all day. In addition, its scent will provide a pleasant impression to those who are close to you.

5 ways to wear a perfume

Have you ever wondered why you should bother wearing perfume all the times? Coco Chanel once said, “Those women who don’t wear perfume have no future.” This is certainly true in the modern society where a carefully selected perfume might set your mood for a night out. A crisp, bright fragrance not only give you a mental boost but also make you look sexy in everybody’s eyes. There are numerous scents available for different seasons, occasions, mood, and each of them can help you work the magic.

There are many ways to wear a perfume than just a spritz on the hair or a dab on your wrists. To get the most out of a fragrant perfume and activate its sensual, deep, or bright aromas, you need to learn how to wear it correctly. Here are top 5 ways to apply a magical scent to your body.

1. Dab it on

The most common way to wear a perfume is to dab it on. The way you dab and rub your wrists together help divide the aroma, making it become damaged or “crushed”. As perfume often releases its fragrance through evaporation, doing this will increase the evaporative rate and the heat. Thus, the perfume can smell different than when you allow it to develop and evaporate naturally on the skin.

2. Apply before getting dressed

Just as an aromatherapy diffuser, your body always releases heat to warm up and evaporate the perfume, thereby giving off a fragrance. When you spray perfume on your shirts or dresses, it not only stain your clothes but also give off the scent. Therefore, always make sure to apply perfume to the skin before getting dressed so that its pleasing aroma might last for several hours.

3. Spray on the thighs

While applying perfume between the thighs seems unconventional, it makes sense to do this if you wear a short skirt. When the perfume touches your inner thighs, body heat will warm up and release the aroma all day long. Also, it is a nice way because you would hug your friends without leaving them your aroma’s perfume.

4. Spritz on the hair

For many women, having a light spritz on their hair with fragrant perfume is the best way to create a mystique. Each time they tussle their hair, it releases more aroma. Many products contain alcohol in them and some people worry that apply these products to their hair would dry out the locks. Thus, you should mist a perfume in front of you and then walk through. This can add a small amount to the hair but do not lead to any damage.

5. Wear on pulse points

Pulse points are where your body generates the most heat. These areas include between the breasts, behind the knees, inner elbows and wrists, and behind the ears. Between your legs is also a great area to have a pleasant aroma. Here, you should apply the perfume on the front of the underwear to avoid a direct contact with your sensitive skin although the perfume might stain your underwear.

Tips on Buying High-End Perfume

Though invisible, a good perfume is without a doubt one of the most important parts of your attire. A luxurious scent tells those around you that you care about your looks, and that you put a little extra effort into how you would like the world to see you. The admiration a high-end perfume buys you should obviously make you more confident in your own skin.

As with most other fashion accessories markets, you need to make careful choices when buying a perfume. But with so many high-end perfume choices, how do you get this process right?

Tips for Shopping for High-End Perfume
Find a Scent You Love
One of the reasons you buy a perfume is that it upgrades your natural smell. Just because a perfume has a premium price tag, however deserving, it does not mean you will love wearing it. Therefore, do a little homework and find out what perfume scents you really love and cannot get enough of before paying for it.

A perfume you love will make you feel good about yourself, your dressing, and make you more confident. Otherwise, however expensive a perfume is, if you don’t like the scent, odds are that you will be constantly worried that everyone who gets a whiff of it will have similar sentiments.

… Or a Scent Others Loves
You might not always be getting the perfume you want, but rather a perfume your significant other likes. Maybe you overheard them say they loved a particular scent, and you happened to know what perfume can offer that.

Getting a perfume with the same fragrance notes can do you a lot of good because you know that it will make someone you care about very happy. Obviously, this should make you happy wearing it as well.

Know the Difference between Cheap Imitations and the Real Deal
Some high-end perfume brands are wildly popular; and they feature signature scents that a lot of people want on their skin and clothing. For this reason, some perfume makers can whip up fakes to appeal to buyers seeking bargains while shopping for luxury perfumes.

But to a knowing nose, the difference between a cheap imitation and an original perfume is quite apparent. The last thing you need is making the wrong impression by wearing a cheap perfume those in the know can recognize as fake.

Fortunately, you can avoid this by getting your premium perfumes from the right sources, and been keener about the fragrance notes to ensure that they offer all the expected levels of fragrance. Basically, high-end perfumes have several notes (base, middle, and high), but replicas capitalize on the most obvious (high) to lull unsuspecting buyers into purchasing them.

Few things can command a presence as well as a good perfume does. A cheap perfume can do just the opposite and even irritate those around you. But high-end fragrances are subtle, yet powerful and layered, drawing those around you in with their layered and fragrant essences. But to ensure that you get the best of these benefits, take the tips discussed above into consideration. First of all, buy a scent you love. Then consider a scent those you care about would adore. Finally, be keen not to get a fake replica.