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The old-fashioned, vintage 90’s style of the website actually shipped more than dozen millions of packages already, is actually one of the largest and cheapest perfume shopping websites you can find.

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Having plenty of purchases due to previous business opportunities, I do have few things to share regarding shopping with bargains at the famous e-commerce platform about fragrances:

Sold “as is”

Most of the original name-brand perfumes listed on the site are so cheap and seems too good to be true sometimes. Well, if you make enough purchases you will find some of the items with below-par quality, possibly due to being on the shelves for too long or damages during frequent internal transit. I myself have bought several expensive bottles from Creed with very loose nuzzle and fallen decorations on the bottle.

Return policy

Thinking about returning the undesirable products? According to their return policy, you are indeed eligible for a full refund if you don’t like the product. However, extensive form filling process is required and the shipping fees are actually not refunded. For people who already trying to save a couple bucks purchasing from it instead of looking for more desirable experiences from official websites like Chanel, returning is probably not considered if there are not any disastrous damages.

Average shipping

Unlike huge platforms providing fast shipping such as Amazon or Walmart, the default shipping rate at is about 5-9 business days, which means weekends and holidays are not included, plus there are hidden processing time on the shipper’s end. Upgrading to more desirable shipping rate will cost you somewhere from $13 to $18. But the good thing is that they usually ship out pretty fast and in general you wait about a week to get your order.

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Forever discounting

It doesn’t take a marketing genius to spot that the website always displays a 30-35% off deal on its banner, you will find out very soon yourself as long as you visit the website a few more times. Every time it seems like the sale is about to end just a day later, but you are almost guaranteed to see another new sale coming up right after. From time to time, the website limits the promo codes you could add into your cart trying to let you buy at the original price. But the trick is to try different spots of coupon application and even sign up for their marketing email, you will see the lovely deal comes alive even after you have used the discount.


Overall, is still a very attractive website that you could find nearly every famous brand-name perfume at a magically low price. I would think that it is because the cost of making those fragrances is so low and most of the margin goes to places such as marketing and developments. While a huge selling channel like this definitely help to push sales and deserves a bargain. However, you might want to be prepared to see some dents or dust that you will probably not find from those purchased from fancy department stores.

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