Chris Hemsworth: The New Face of Hugo Boss

If you have seen Chris Hemsworth gracing a couple of Hugo Boss ads, then you already knew that the Aussie actor has signed up to be the face of its Bottled campaign. Known for his rugged and manly persona, Hemsworth is the perfect guy to take on this role, given that he exudes classy, male charm in every movie that he stars in.

Hemsworth is the newest face for Bottled, Hugo Boss’ new suite of men’s fragrances. This means that he is headlining the perfume company’s Man of Today ad campaign, joining the ranks of other actors like Gerard Butler and Theo James.

The first stop in the campaign for Hemsworth was at the New York Fashion week, where he unveiled the Bottled Tonic Eu de Toilette and fielded question from reporters. His most recent appearance for the campaign was in May 2018, when he posted photos of himself in Singapore on Instagram. The actor flew to Singapore to headline the store opening of Boss’ new concept store. Also in attendance at the event was fellow actor Sebastian Stan, who plays the Winter Soldier in the Avengers.

In an interview with the LA Times, Hemsworth talked about how he was prepared to be the brand ambassador for the brand. He shared that the brand gave him a crash course on fragrances and how to identify notes. He even met the lady who designed the original Boss Classic. He learned that this particular scent was inspired by apple strudel, which was a pleasant coincidence since it is also his wife’s favorite dessert.

However, like any fine gentleman, Hemsworth actually let his wife have the final say on whether or not he’d say yes to this role. Happily, he told the Telegraph UK that Spanish actress Elsa Pataky is a fan of the brand, so getting her to say yes was not a problem.

Hugo Boss and Thor

So what does Thor smell like? In an interview with the, Hemsworth says that he doesn’t really wear cologne on set. Asked about what he thinks the god would smell like in real life, he says that Thor would probably smell like metal, coppery, with a hint of electricity. When asked to think about what Hugo Boss scent reminds him of Thor in the LA Times interview, Hemsworth picks the older, intense version of Boss Bottled as the scent that best fits the Norse god.

So what does he think about being the Man of Today?

Hemsworth was once asked about the campaign message and what it means to him. For the actor, being a Man of Today basically means being kind, compassionate, showing enough ambition for dreams, and appreciation for the opportunities that make them happen. This isn’t just empty words from the actor. Apart from being a loving husband and doting father, Hemsworth sets aside a good portion of his time with the Australian Childhood Foundation. This is an organization that works to raise awareness about child abuse and provide counseling for victims of abuse and neglect.

His work with groups like these prove that Hemsworth is a true superhero on and off screen, and Hugo Boss could not have picked a better face for their new line.

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