5 ways to wear a perfume

Have you ever wondered why you should bother wearing perfume all the times? Coco Chanel once said, “Those women who don’t wear perfume have no future.” This is certainly true in the modern society where a carefully selected perfume might set your mood for a night out. A crisp, bright fragrance not only give you a mental boost but also make you look sexy in everybody’s eyes. There are numerous scents available for different seasons, occasions, mood, and each of them can help you work the magic.

There are many ways to wear a perfume than just a spritz on the hair or a dab on your wrists. To get the most out of a fragrant perfume and activate its sensual, deep, or bright aromas, you need to learn how to wear it correctly. Here are top 5 ways to apply a magical scent to your body.

1. Dab it on

The most common way to wear a perfume is to dab it on. The way you dab and rub your wrists together help divide the aroma, making it become damaged or “crushed”. As perfume often releases its fragrance through evaporation, doing this will increase the evaporative rate and the heat. Thus, the perfume can smell different than when you allow it to develop and evaporate naturally on the skin.

2. Apply before getting dressed

Just as an aromatherapy diffuser, your body always releases heat to warm up and evaporate the perfume, thereby giving off a fragrance. When you spray perfume on your shirts or dresses, it not only stain your clothes but also give off the scent. Therefore, always make sure to apply perfume to the skin before getting dressed so that its pleasing aroma might last for several hours.

3. Spray on the thighs

While applying perfume between the thighs seems unconventional, it makes sense to do this if you wear a short skirt. When the perfume touches your inner thighs, body heat will warm up and release the aroma all day long. Also, it is a nice way because you would hug your friends without leaving them your aroma’s perfume.

4. Spritz on the hair

For many women, having a light spritz on their hair with fragrant perfume is the best way to create a mystique. Each time they tussle their hair, it releases more aroma. Many products contain alcohol in them and some people worry that apply these products to their hair would dry out the locks. Thus, you should mist a perfume in front of you and then walk through. This can add a small amount to the hair but do not lead to any damage.

5. Wear on pulse points

Pulse points are where your body generates the most heat. These areas include between the breasts, behind the knees, inner elbows and wrists, and behind the ears. Between your legs is also a great area to have a pleasant aroma. Here, you should apply the perfume on the front of the underwear to avoid a direct contact with your sensitive skin although the perfume might stain your underwear.

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